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2019 Annual Virtual Fun-Run Fundraiser.


What is the Virtual Fun-Run Fundraiser? It is exactly what the name suggests: it is VIRTUAL, which means that in virtue this is a run, but since running is not fun, or even possible, for the majority of people, actual-factual-physical running is not required here.

This is to be FUN, and fun is the operative word. Since running to the dentist for a root canal isn’t fun but running to the store to buy a donut is fun, this is intended to be a FUN-run. Get it?

This is a RUN which means that running is involved, but since this is a VIRTUAL RUN, physically running is not necessary. "Running to the bathroom" counts, as well as running to the store for a bottle of wine; You know--whatever RUN is fun for you.

Finally, this is a FUNDRAISER, and this word is the most important part. We’re virtually fun-running to raise money to help people who live in nursing and Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes to participate with Operation Christmas Child, where we enable the residents to fill a shoebox with gifts for poor children for Christmas. So in every sense of the words, this is as the name suggests: a VIRTUAL FUN-RUN FUNDRAISER where we are putting the FUN in FUNdraising.


Everyone can participate in this Virtual Fun-Run, and that does mean everyone. Is your mind great at racing at night when you are trying to sleep? You should participate in this Virtual Fun-Run. Are you to a point in your life that the only thing that runs about you are your bowels? No matter, you can still virtually run. Maybe the only thing that runs is your nose? That counts as well, and you should participate. Or, hey, is your refrigerator running? Then you should join it and sign up for this virtual fun-run!

Are you getting the point? Whether you are too young to run, too old to walk, or anywhere in between, you are invited to participate in this First Annual Virtual Fun-Run Fundraiser.


When you participate in the Virtual Fun-Run Fundraiser you will receive a virtual medal in the form of an authentic paper certificate. And since our PR budget for this fundraiser is virtually non-existent, you’ll get your authentic "virtually colorful" black-and-white certificate tri-folded in a standard #10 business envelope with our monthly prayer letter, stamped with a genuine foil star sticker indicating your level of support. And you will be able to hang your certificate proudly on your refrigerator, garage wall, or even in your office cubicle beside your “Most Valued Employee” certificate at work. And that’s not all! Since this is an annual event, you can collect a new certificate every year and know that you virtually ran in order to seriously make the world a better place!

LEVELS OF PARTICIPATION…(Please notice: the following are suggested donations.)

  • $5.00 Green Star: This is for the person who wants to sign-up everyone in their family (and even some of their friends) to participate. For just $5 each, you can sponsor everyone you know!

  • $10.00 Blue Star: This is for the person who has no idea what they are going to get their loved ones for birthdays or Christmas. They can sponsor those loved ones with an entry in the 2019 Virtual Fun-Run!

  • $25.00 Red Star: This is for the person who is highly-motivated and will get their car running to drive Michigan's back roads on Saturday mornings to collect 10-cent returnable pop and beer cans that pesky teenagers leave on the sides of the roads. Not only will this runner make a great impact on a person in the nursing and AFC home as well as a poor child overseas, they will clean up their community to boot with their participation in the 2019 Virtual Fun-Run!

  • $50.00 Silver Star: At this level, the Virtual Fun-Runner is sponsoring their very own shoebox, shipping and all. This run covers all 25 items that go into a single shoebox gift! Each Silver Star virtual run covers 1/100th of our Shoebox goal for 2019!

  • $100.00 Gold Star: The Gold Star is the highest and final level of participation in the 2019 Virtual Fun-Run. At this level, the Virtual Fun-Runner is making a loud and bold proclamation to the world that supporting the people who live in nursing and AFC homes is a priority to them. For this Virtual Fun-Runner, I will not only write them a thank you note on their 2019 Virtual Fun-Run certificate, but I will hug and kiss my wife, kids, and mother as well. Seriously, thank you for your support!
(If on the off chance you sign up for the Virtual Fun-Run and make a donation greater than $100, I will add the appropriate amount of stars and then dig through the kids' stuff to find some cute stickers for you, too!)

CLICK HERE for the sign-up form and to make your donation.

to visit the Operation Christmas Child website and learn about the program.

to see the 2019 Shoebox Packing List.

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