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Operation Christmas Child Shoebox

Since 2003 we have been partnering with Samaritan's Purse and Operation Christmas Child to pack Shoebox gifts for poor children around the world.

The Shoebox program allows the residents to virtually leave the four walls of their homes in this missionary effort. It is a great blessing as the residents appreciate being able to bless others in our world, and to know that they are continuing the mission of Jesus as the Church.

The annual Shoebox program has proved to be a blessing on three levels: first, children receive these gifts and are blessed with humanitarian items as well as the Gospel of Jesus written in their very own language, second the residents are blessed as they are enabled to still be a blessing in our world, and third the donors who donate to the funding of this project. Donors recognize how much their gifts are leveraged to accomplish so much.

Now your regular shopping can help support our Shoebox Program.

And you can make a donation directly to the Shoebox Program here!

to visit the Operation Christmas Child website and learn about the program.

to see the 2019 Shoebox Packing List.

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