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At the end of 2018 I was burdened with evangelism. Since I hate evangelism I avoided paying attention to what God was putting on my heart. O.K., so I don't really "hate" evangelism, I just have never been impressed with how I have seen evangelism done so I used to put down a couple tracks and call it good. However, I could not shake the call that God was putting on my heart to pursue evangelism and after a few months I gave in and began praying about it and seeking what God wanted from me.

My call was specific and two-fold. First, I was to learn to become an evangelist myself. While I did not like the idea, I have come across a few recourses that has made the learning quite enjoyable and more shockingly--exciting. The second part of the call is that I need to reach out to churches in the hopes of challenging them to make evangelism-training something that is regular and normal in their congregations. The idea is that when a congregation is evangelistic in nature, it will be doing what Jesus called it to do in Matthew 28, and that congregation will begin to grow organically rather than just swapping Christians between congregations.

Now, I offer a few different things to local churches in the area of evangelism to help their congregations learn to fully engage in the Great-Commission of Jesus. If you are interested in the idea, please take the 1 Question Church Survey by clicking on the button below. This will help you to decide if you might want my assistance or not.

If you would like to pursue an evangelism program in your own congregation, please contact me by following the button below.

Haven Place Evangelism Class

Let me ask you a question, when was the last time you were in a class at your church that specifically taught you to be evangelistic? That's what I thought. So I want to invite you to join me starting on Sunday, January 13th @ 6 until 8pm for a new men's group study. This is a 12-Week study specifically on evangelism (msg me for the syllabus).

This class will last 12-weeks starting at 6pm and ending promptly at 8pm. (and for those who were in my last class, you know that I can be quite rude about telling you to get out at 8pm., but at least we actually end on time.) This class is FREE to you as this is the inaugural class (and you're my guinea pigs ;-) ) which will be held at the Haven Place in New Haven.

This class will be a nice mix between audio and video sections presented by Chan, Walker, and Comfort as well as book segments from Johnson and DeVries, along with prayer times. If the class is lousy then you can rest easy because at least you're not paying for it, but I'm excited because this is all material that I've gone through and have found it to be beneficial in helping help me think evangelistically.

Also, the seating is limited to just 12 people. I doubt that this will be a problem but because I am funding this class out of my own pocket I thought it best to have a cut-off point; so I went with 12. I've created an ONLINE SIGN-UP SHEET for the class. If the sign-up form isn't accepting your info that means that the 12 seats have been filled. Please email me and I can put you on the waiting list in case a seat opens up. Also, let me know and I'll give you a FB invite to the class and you can mark that you are "going" there too.

This week I am offering you the opportunity to bring a friend for FREE. It's like getting two for the price of none! Seriously though, If you know of someone you think would enjoy participating in this class please invite them or forward this email to them.

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